Doug motivates and encourage all levels of swimmers to their full potential, while increasing their self-esteem and joy of swimming and competition.

Doug Swimming Training

Doug's swimming training provides swimmers
with the following options and training process:

  1. The person who wants to learn to swim with correct breathing technique.
  2. The person who is already swimming yet feel they can go faster.
  3. The person who wants to use swimming as a form of fitness training yet can't get past the first few laps.
  4. The person wants to be an elite swimmer.

Private Lessons – For those that require individual attention we have lessons to suit your needs. Doug will assist you achieving your individual goals. All abilities are catered for.

Group Fitness (up to 10 people) – The training objective for the group fitness includes skill development, race specific training and preparation for competition. (A second coach would be assisting.) Half day sessions can be arranged with a variety of fun, team building programs.