Learn to Body Surf

Body surfing is a fantastic way to keep fit and is heaps of fun, you only use body to  catch a wave, so surfing without the surf board. Once you’ve mastered the technique you can take it up a level with larger waves.

It’s a really good skill for ocean swimmers looking to return through the wave break zone faster and efficiently, and it’s one of the most enjoyable activities you can do at the beach.

Doug can teach you:

  • Wave dynamics
  • Where to swim to get the best waves
  • The core elements of bodysurfing
  • Medium and Advanced skills as you progress
When I was competing in the surf I had no idea of how to use the water to my advantage. Doug showed me that the surf does not need to be frightening and that using the waves can be fun and effective in competition and in leisure time. Doug taught me to paddle a board and to handle a ski in such a way that I added those events to my competition repertoire. He is an excellent teacher.
— Stacey Stone (Gartrell), Former Australian Commonwealth Games and Olympic representative; Australian Womens Surf and Ironwoman Champion.