Doug Iredale Swim Surf Paddle Coach

Gold Coast based Doug Iredale offers one-on-one, group and corporate coaching in Swimming, Surfing or Paddling so no matter what your personal needs are Doug will be able to ensure you have a fun, entertaining and educating experience.

Water Sports Training for Fitness and Pleasure

Doug uses the philosophy that anyone can improve with the right coaching and encouragement. He is more interested in helping people use their natural ability in the most efficient and effective manner, so that they can thoroughly enjoy their water activity.

Doug is "hands on" and is in the water with his clients at all times. "Be the best you can and have the most fun you can" is his motto!

Doug understands the value of water sports training for fitness and pleasure and that many people move towards water training due to prior injuries, or just for variety in their training program. He is also aware that unless there is involvement in the surf or swimming pool when a person is young, it can be daunting to take up water activities later in life.

Doug's Swim, Surf and Paddle Coaching Services

Doug is excellent with children who respect his firm yet reassuring manner of teaching. With adults, he will find out what they want to achieve and help them achieve, whether that being the top of your sport, overcoming a fear of the ocean and/or just having fun.

  • Learn to swim
  • Correct your technique
  • Learn to body surf
  • Learn to surf
  • Learn to surf better
  • Learn how to paddle any craft
  • Improve your competition results
  • Individual and group sessions
  • Corporate surf awareness workshops

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