Doug is well known in National and International circles, he has coached many individuals, clubs and teams to achieve their potential, this is what leads to success. As a competitor Doug has achieved at all levels and continues to do so.


Doug Iredale Swim Surf Paddle Coach

Doug has been involved in the Surf Life Saving movement since 1972 as a competitor, coach and administrator and is still actively involved in competition. Doug began his career as a surfer and as a strong swimmer, board paddler and iron man, gradually progressed into other events including surf ski paddling and wave ski riding.

His love of the surf and the water led him to become involved in encouraging others, particularly youngsters to develop their skills and enthusiasm in the surfing environment. Putting many hours of voluntary labour into the organisation, Doug is well known in National and International circles, coaching for many years at Wanda Surf Life Saving Club, coaching the Surf Life Saving Sydney team to success in the NSW Interbranch Championships, coaching with Cronulla Surfing Academy, Kevin Neilson Swimming, 2 years as Ski Coach at Kurrawa Surf Life Saving club and currently assisting with the junior development at BMD Northcliffe Surf Life Saving Club.

His vast experience in surfing activities has given him an understanding for what can often intimidate or hold people back who would love to improve their skills - be it fear of water movement or lack of technique, and therefore confidence.

Doug is passionate about helping others enjoy what has given him so much satisfaction and pleasure over the years.

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Doug's Achievements

2017 - Australian Masters Taplin Relay Champion

2016 – Australian Masters Ski Champion

2015 – Australian Masters Double Ski Champion

2014 – World Masters Ski Champion

2014 – Australian Masters Board Relay and       Taplin Relay Champion

2012 - Queensland Masters Ski Champion

2010 – Australian Masters Ironman, Board Relay & Ski Relay Champion

2009 – World Masters Board Paddling, Board Relay & Taplin Relay Champion

2006 – Australian Masters Ski Champion

2005 – Australian Masters Board Rescue Champion

2004 – World Masters Ski and Board Champion World Masters Board paddling Champion

2002 – Australian Masters Board Relay Champion

2001 – Australian Masters Ski Champion Australian Masters Board Relay Champion

2000 – World Masters Iron Man Champion

2000 – Australian Masters Iron Man Champion Australian Masters Single and Double Ski Champion

1993, 1994 – NSW Open Wave Ski Champion

1991, 1992 – NSW Open Ski Champion

1978 – Australian Open Board Riding Champion

1974 – Australian Under 15 Board Riding Champion

1973 – Australian Under 18 Board Riding Champion




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Doug’s commitment is for all levels to reach their potential. Whether you are a novice or an experienced competitor, Doug will be able to help you achieve your goals.

I have learnt more in 30 minutes than I have in 30 years about correct swimming technique. Doug has made swimming a pleasure for me, instead of a struggle! He has a calm, reassuring manner that is a big help when you’re learning anything in the water.
— Peter Marshall, Retired Business Executive